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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Saturday's are days that have always gotten sorta lost for me. I mean I often don't do much productive on Saturday's. What are we supposed to do with a Saturday? For me I guess part of the problem is that the type work I like to do focuses and requires mental effort and focus, and with everyone being at home and requiring attention that is a distraction from reading, writing, and so forth.

I did go to Vesper's tonight in preparation for Mass tomorrow. That is a small accomplishment, or certainly something one should do each weekend.
The first lesson tonight was Job chapter two, where Satan presents himself before the Lord at the same time as the "sons of God." Job is an example to us of faithfulness to the Lord in the face of suffering and adversity.
I would hope I could be so steadfast if such things befell me. I fear I don't have that strength and virtue.

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