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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My wife has an accident at work. Ouch!

It was an eventful evening. Expecting a quiet night at home while my wife worked concessions at a football game at one stadium and my daughters watched thier schools team at another stadium, me and the son's were just settling down for preparing pizza for dinner when the phone rang. It was my wife's supervisor at the stadium asking if I could come and take her to the emergency clinic as she had fallen and landed face first. Me and the boys went to the stadium and when we got inside and to the concession booths, she was in the very back propped on two chairs crying her eyes out. She was embarrased and scared she might have knocked her teeth out.

No missing teeth resulted, just a long wait at the Care Now clinic to be seen by a doctor. She has a sprained hand and a bruise on her leg under her knee. She is recuperating at home with her loving family. She was shown a lot of love and concern by he supervisors and co-workers, and a nurse at the stadium. The Lord was merciful. God be praised!

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