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Saturday, January 29, 2011

To your good health...

This is a very enlightening and informatiive article on the health benefits of Gregorian Chants. I beleive it is revealing of God's design for humanity and our need for continual divine conversation.

On Good Health and
Gregorian Chant

An interview with a famous French Audiologist, named
Dr. Alfred Tomatis, took place in May of 1978, and was the
core of a CBC Radio Documentary called “Chant.” Due
to the great interest in the interview, it was re-broadcast
several times, and then played on NPR in the States with
similar results.

I will give a number of quotes that he made, in the order he
made them, in the hope that his thoughts would be as fascinating
and as enlightening to you as they were to me. I’ll paraphrase
some of the talk, so that it will fit better into this format.
“We can only ask why, for thousands of years, people
have chanted. They have come to an intuitive realization
that there is probably something in the ear that
it is possible to awaken,...             click here to read the rest

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