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Monday, October 18, 2010

My son Tony writes

My son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He doesn't have autism proper but was designated with PDD(Pervasive Developmental Disorder). He is 11 and has recently becaome expressive in writing. It reads like something a typical child in 1st or 2nd grade might write. He spelling has been preserved.

" My new Galloway School.

Ms. O'Quinn talks awful to me. When I do a little growl she sends me to mr. matt horrible room its horrible because mr. matt has a terrifine big loud voice when he yells that scars me because its loud and terrible. on pe days outside the Sun beats down on us. We go down where all the trees have terrible nasty yellw tree zap. on music days it is wonderful because our music teacher is nice not awful like my old music teacher vecause my old music teacher was talking awful and was mean. My new music teacher is nice because She gives us wonderful singing sheets that we sing with its music playing. "

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