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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I was blessed.

Since being laid off in '09 the cheif difficulty I have had of late is getting funds to purchase prescriptions I must have for high BP (and one script for a stupid anti-depressant my doctor put me on that I don't think I really need), and I mentioned this in passing to a brother from church with whom I was working to help set up for the Pilgimage at our parish. I was floored when, before we parted for home, he bestowed on me a considerable sum of money toward the purchase of the medications. This act of generosity was not solicited and unexpected, but very welcome.

I was tremendously blessed by his loving gift and willingness to be used of God for the succour of one in some need. Nothing earth-shattering as our family still has food and shelter, my wife is providing by her job, but we are in somewhat straitened circumstances so I have to scrape up funds for my own needs, like the medications. What a blessing that this brother could be so moved to an act of generosity without even being directly asked.

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