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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21st, Saint Praxedes, Virgin.

Apse of the Church of St. Praxedes
July 21st, Saint Praxedes, Virgin.

This Praxedes (as we know from ancient records ) was a maiden of Rome in the second century who was buried in the Cemetery of holy Priscilla, next to the maiden Pudentiana, who is therefore reputed to be her sister, and whose Legend is given on May 19th. The story that hath been told for many centuries concerning Praxedes is that she constantly assisted with money, labour, comfort, and every helpful office of Christian charity, all those Christians whom the Emperor Marcus Antoninus was at that time hunting down like wild beasts. Some she his in her house, some she exhorted to firmness in professing the Faith, of some she buried the bodies. For those in prison, and those toiling in slavery, she supplied every need. At last the sight of such butchery of Christians was more that she could bear, and she implored God that she might die, if it were expedient for her so to do, and to be released form such suffering. And on July 21st, she went to god. Whereupon Pastor the Priest, so it is said, laid her body in the double-grave of her father and sister, and Saints Pudens and Pudentiana, in the cemetery of Saint Priscilla.

Graciously hear us, O God of our salvation : that, like as we do rejoice in the festival of thy blessed Virgin Saint Praxedes, so we may learn to follow her in all godly and devout affections, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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