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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saint Chad, Bishop & Confessor

March 2 Saint Chad, Bishop and Confessor
Chad was one of four holy brothers, all of whom became priests, whereof two were advanced to the episcopate, namely, holy Chad himself and his elder brother Saint Cedd. Chad was at first Abbot of the monastery called Lastingham, in the Wolds of Yorkshire, and a man holy and lowly, well read in the Scriptures, and a diligent practiser of what he learnt therefrom. Wherefore Wini, Bishop of the West Saxons, at the desire of King Oswy, ordained him Bishop of York. Being so consecrated, he set himself to look to the orthodoxy and clean-living of the fledgy, to seek after lowliness, self-control, and learning ; and to make a visitation of the towns, country, cottages, hamlets, and castles, that he might preach the Gospel therein ; going always not on horseback, but on foot, after the fashion of the Apostles. * Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury, took Bishop Chad to task as though he had not been rightly consecrated. To whom he answered : If thou knowest that I have not rightly been made a bishop, I willingly lay down mine office ; neither did I ever deem myself fit to hold it ; but when I was commanded, I took it, for obedience’ sake. Theodore marveled at his lowliness, and made him Bishop of the Mercians and of Lindisfarne in the which office he strove to do his duty in great perfection of life, after the ensample of our ancient Fathers. * When the hour of his death drew near, he exhorted the brethren who stood by to keep love and peace with each other and with all the faithful of the monastic life. His sickness increasing, he made him ready to depart by receiving the Body and Blood of the Lord ; and on the seventh day his soul was set free from the toilsome prison of his body, and went away to be in gladness for ever. He died at his own See City of Lichfield, on March 2nd, 672.
Almighty and everlasting God, who on this day dost gladden us with the feast of blessed Chad thy confessor and Bishop ; we humbly beseech thy mercy, that we which here do honour him wi9th our devout observance, may by his intercession obtain thy healing unto life eternal, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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