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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saint Vincent of Lerins, Confessor, (May 24)

Saint Vincent of Lerins, Confessor
This Vincent, whom the ancients describe as a man pre-eminent in eloquence and learning, was a priest in the island-monastery once called Lerins, but now known as Saint Honorat, after its holy founder. About the year 434 he wrote a celebrated treatise as a warning against heresies, and an examination in the means of establishing Christian truth. Therein he laid down a rule of faith which is sometimes called the Vincentian Canon, to wit : the Catholic Faith is that which hath been held always, everywhere, and by all : which is to say, that doubtful points are to be settled by the test of antiquity, universality, and consent. In this little book he describes himself as a stranger and pilgrim who fled from the military service of this world, with its passing pleasures and empty vanities, that he might enter the service of Christ. He is believed to have been a brother of that Saint Lupus who was also a monk at Lerins, and afterwards became Bishop of Troyes ; and about the year 445, he went to God in peace.

O God, who didst raise up thy blessed confessor Vincent to proclaim the rule of faith : grant that all thy people may stedfastly witness to the fulness of the truth ; that the same may be received everywhere, always, and by all, even as thou hast taught us through thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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